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Our club was established in the early 1960’s in La Crescenta, California. We currently have about 30 active members that live around the country, and there is plenty of room for many more new members if you would like to become part of the group. Our club welcomes all hot rods, classic cars and trucks. Your hotrod does not have to be road ready, meaning the hotrod does not run, but it is a work in progress, you can apply for membership, however you must be sponsored by one of the current members to join. Our car club organizes a yearly members (and guests) cruise-in and destination event, as well as performing charitable support for our community. We meet yearly at the end of the summer in Pleasanton, CA at the Goodguy’s Western Nationals Car Show and spend three days together enjoying the event and each other’s company. We also take part in many parades and community fund raisers around the country throughout the year and interact with other car clubs within our own community. The Novi Car Club website is intended to showcase member’s cars and activities throughout the year. If you have content, digital photos or other materials please email it to and the website coordinator will make every effort to include the materials on the site.

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Feel free to contact any of the club members below with questions, ideas or suggestions that would make our club or website even better than it already is. You can contact us by mail by using our address which located under the navigation buttons on the left side of your screen.

Steve Hammond 151 Lori Lane, Aptos, CA
WebMaster Novi Car Club
and Public Seismic Network San Jose